Here, first open the image of Jan in the kitchen.

We are engraved with the tide out to sea this morning. Despite the difficult flow conditions Jan maneuvered the Polaris brilliantly through the narrow harbor entrance. Before us lay a beautiful sailing day – even when the sun is not too spoiled. But we could use the time quite reasonable.
Practicing knots was announced.

After various attempts have Beate and I then actually managed the knot with the online slots lake, the serpent and the tree. After we have then moored in the harbor at 19:00 Clock of Mazagon, stomach growled so much that we stop immediately to the nearest Bar in the harbour. We could taste the food, even if we are only the remains of the day, such as liver and funny sausages were served.

Actually, it was just a normal beautiful sailing day and we look forward to the next one.

Text: Reinhard
Pictures: Reinhard, Beate

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