Drive to the stars


22.30 clock-it is pitch-somewhere between Portugal and Spain … We just parked with nice English help in the harbor. Toilet bowl and borrowed this next door brought for 0.3 beer for the boat … Or so our first day of sailing has found its conclusion! Yes, we could put to sea after 3 days of impatient waiting, finally. Reinhard and Birgit for the premiere – for the skipper and Beate one of many beautiful days of sailing. After a thorough briefing by the skipper a perfect berthing succeeded, we have passed the exit port without incident and had a perfect view from beginners Wind – not too much, but enough.


Our Skipper Jan has shown remarkable patience while nbso to teach us the basics of sailing in the Broad – over and over again … Ribbon windward, ribbons in Lee. sometime .. we had it and Reinhard could use the big sailing alone. It is easy to put just a nice feeling as a sailor in the wind … Unfortunately, it was at some point over the stiff breeze. The engine was smashed and the remaining miles to the finish handles with the diesel – but even that was a truly unique experience ever crowned by a beautiful sunset.


Yes, for us the first Seegeltag after much wet from above and unplanned land crossings, but certainly also had its charm. (Faro with its venerable old town and small tavern somewhere behind the cathedral – definitely try the fish!)

Oh yeah and one more thing …. cheers to skipper January! He has not let it take to present themselves despite the late arrival in the galley and to conjure the promised menu. Very leeeeecker ….
The image as evidence to be filed later. So stay tuned!
Good night. Next goal is Mazagon.

Text: Birgit
Pictures: Birgit, Reinhard, Beate

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