16 days at sea

Today is Tuesday, 18th of March, and we have been out in the Pacific Ocean for more than two weeks. Where did the days go..?
If everything goes as planned, we will arrive in Hiva Oa on Thursday morning, after 18 days at sea. Not bad!

Today the wind faded away, and we are all a bit slow. But Jan & Maria has proved their interest & sailing ability by trying to hoist the middle Spinnaker and hoping for some more wind. It turned out that the Spinnaker was twisted in it´s condom, so the try ended with them taking it down again, rearranging it & put it away. We have also changed sails today, taking the Genoa in & out for I don´t know how many times, to try to get some sailing out of this lousy wind, and we still have 250 NM to go. But we are getting closer! It will be fantastic to be able to see land again after all these days with nothing but ocean surrounding us. Where did all the days go? It´s actually quite an achievement to do this long sailing distance. So unbelievingly remote from home, and the distance is 3000 NM or 5556 km. At the average speed of 15 km/h. Think about that!

But we have had some tough weather out here in the Pacific, or “Stillehavet” (Calm Sea) as we call it in Norwegian. 2 days ago, Glenn & I experienced our first real squall during our night watch. All of a sudden dark sky, pouring rain, big waves (we´re talking 4m) & winds up to 30 kts. Then the Autopilot had to be turned off, and hand steering necessary. Wow, some action out here! And we all have experienced some tough night watches with casino online little rest. “Stillehavet”, my ass!!

We´ve had everything from practically no wind up to 30 kts, hot sunny days, rainy days, stormy nights with high waves, starry clear nights with full moon and a spectacular sky, to cloudy days. We´ve had some eventful nights with strong winds, that forced us to reef the Main sail in the darkness. Jan then stayed up all night to help us out during the night.
Jan, our skipper, is a hardworking, serious guy, one that takes his job as skipper seriously. He is always available, and we can rely on his skills when things get tough. When he has had his good night sleep & a private moment to himself, he is a funny guy to be around. But sometimes we must just leave him alone, and he can sleep all day if he cares to do so. Only up for food & watches. He puts a lot of effort into the planning of our sailing, taking into consideration the weather reports from World ARC & other info available. He also spends 2 hrs each day talking to the other members in the World ARC Group, exchanging positions, weather & speed on the SSB radio. He can do anything from fixing a broken outdoor shower handle to rig checks. So we are back in the Shower business.
His watch mate & sailing support Maria, is just the most lovable, calm, skilled, clever, sweet girl. She is a good sailor, and is always happy to share her experience with us. A super, important member of our crew on Polaris on this leg. When she leaves us, I will miss our daily talks overlooking the ocean. I love those chats 🙂

York is the super funny guy with a very dry sense of humor, that we all enjoy. And he has the best smile ever! Always with a witty comment, that make us all go laughing. He is also the fisher man on board, but has not been very successful yet. Only 3 Tunas, but he is never giving up! I think he lost 3-4 hooks, including the famous “Spooky-Spoony”, home made by York. Luckily we have a photo of it!

York had a very tough night watch the other day, supervisioning the water-making while the engine was running, sliding from side to side in his seat, trying to keep an eye open ahead. You never know what you can hit in the middle of the Pacific!
Michael is the ever smiling, positive, light hearted guy, that really makes us feel welcome and at ease. Always with a nice comment to everybody, giving good sailing advices and is overall a very likable, nice guy.
And then its Glenn & I, the odd (I did not say “old”) Norwegian/Swedish couple, and we are ever so happy to be a part of this great team on Polaris.

We look forward to more adventures in the Marquesas!

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