Anitas first blogpost

6 days at sea.
From Wed, the 5th of March, Michael is also a part of the Watch system.
We made three new teams, that will rotate 24/7. Team 1: Jan & Maria, Team 2: Michael & York, Team 3: Glenn & Anita.
Jan puts up our schedule, fair & square. It´s a good system, and works perfectly.
Glenn & I made dinner the other night, an improvised chicken stew, even with an Avocado starter.
We have to use most of our precious fresh vegetables this first week of sailing. Unfortunately they do not last long in this heat.
Luckily we still have potatoes, onions, leeks, tomatoes, red & green peppers & apples to take us through the next two weeks.
With some fish or meat, they will make excellent dinners.
Jan is doing his daily yoga/meditation session up on the front deck every morning. He really looks like an
Oriental Buddha Statue, sitting with his legs crossed & his eyes shut. Very impressive indeed!
Yesterday was the first day with almost no wind. We just drifted along with the waves & the current for most part of the day.
You do not really know what will happen the next day & night. Of course, we get regularly updates on the weather forecasts, that gives us a good idea what to expect. But it´s still a bit unpredictable. It´s all about chasing the wind & currents, trying to predict the best way to get from A to B.
At dinner ( and often in online casino between), we discuss the weather vividly. That´s what sailing is all about 🙂
We´ve tasted York´s tasty cabbage & meat dish & Jan´s excellent Gulash with spaghetti.
The other day, York made a brand new fishing hook, the so called “Spooky Spoon Hook”, made to catch the big fishes, such as
Mahi-Mahi 6 Sailfish. Unfortunately he lost it to a Sailfish today. But he never gives up fishing!
After the quiet day of sailing yesterday,the wind came back last night. Everything from 8-18 kts. Jan stayed up all night,
helping us through the night watches. He and Michael did a reef on the Main sail, and doing it, we experienced an unforseen Jib.
Not easy with the heavy wind & waves, and in the darkness with no stars. Together with the heavy rain, it was an eventful night!
Nice sailing again today, and we´ve passed 1000 nm, one third of the predicted 3000 nm to the Marquesas. Not bad in 6 days! We´re keeping up our schedule!

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