New crew, new adventures!

After being accepted & welcomed by Skipper Jan in Puerto Ayora, Glenn & Anita from Sweden/Norway became official new crew members of “Team Polaris”, as of Sat,1st of March.

Ricco went back to Germany, and Michael came back after a visit with his family back home. The crew members from Galapagos are Michael, Jan, York, Maria, Glenn & Anita. It will be a nice mixture of English & German speaking, with a little Norwegian in between.

I can practice my long forgotten German, and Michael is eager to improve his English. Perfect match!

Preparations with provisioning etc were made in Santa Cruz for the 3 week long leg, Galapagos – Marquesas. It´s the longest leg in the whole Circum Navigation, and needs careful preparations, especially food & drink wise. We´re expecting 3 weeks non-stop sailing in the Pacific Ocean.

The start was at Noon, Sun, 2nd of March. We crossed the start line as boat nr.5. Not bad! A good start for the new team. Fair winds & good sailing lie ahead, and we kept up with the fastest yachts for quite some time. Nice sailing skills & a very relaxed, good atmosphere on board. We like 🙂

Unfortunately the wind died after midnight, and some motor sailing was required during the night. The wind came back in the morning, and we went sailing again. That´s what we are here for!

York is our appointed “Fishing Master”, and yesterday he caught 3 nice Yellow Finned Tunas, the last one approx 6kg! Guess what we`re having for dinner tonight..? Dinner yesterday was made by Michael, a tasty Spaghetti Bolognese.

Today Jan went all the way up in the Mast to do a Rig check – while sailing! He was able to take some nice photo shots for the next photo competition. We´re hoping for a nice price at the next ceremony.

Life on board Polaris so far is pretty relaxing, with a very nice atmosphere. Good crew members, interesting talks while practicing German & English, fishing, dining, sleeping & sailing. We work shifts day & night, one on duty & one on stand-by. A good schedule, made by Jan.

Getting an update on the positions of the whole World ARC group every morning, we know that we are among the 10-11 fastest boats so far. Not bad at all! Still heading South to catch up with the Trade Winds, before going West. Spirits are high!

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