Touring the Marquesas Islands

Tuesday the 25th of March, the day Jan & Maria left us, we got a new crew member. frank from Germany joined the party. And what a nice guy he is! Open, friendly, helpful, eager to please kind-of-guy. We are lucky to have him on board!

Shortly after he arrived, we set off from Hiva Oa. Tahuata was our next goal, a relatively big island close to Hiva Oa. While motoring, York tried his fishing luck. And all of a sudden, this big Mahi-Mahi came to the surface. I would suggest 15kg. After a bit of a struggle, this huge fish lay on deck. We gave him a rom shot, which makes him relax instantly. Very human, I think. I feel sorry for them, and want it to be as human as possible.. After anchoring up outside Vaitahu, a small village on the island, we could enjoy a nice, fresh fish dinner on board. What a treat! Michael & York also went on shore and explored the little village. They even experienced a mass going on in the local church.

The next morning, we set off for Fatu Hiva, the island situated most south in the Marquesas Archipelago. This is the island where the famous Norwegian explorer, Thor Heyerdahl, lived one year with his first wife, Liv. For me as a Norwegian, this was the high-light! And what a beautiful island it was! Coming into that bay, after approx 100 nm of sailing, was an extraordinary experience. It´s probably the most beautiful bay I´ve ever seen. As we entered the bay, this huge rainbow emerged over the mountains, like magic. And not to forget, coming in, we got 2 black finned tunas. How perfect is that! The bay named online casino Hanavave (look it up, it´s worth a glimpse), is breathtaking! Totally locked in by impressive cliffs. High peaks, palm trees, beautiful mountain shapes surround this special bay. Inside is a little village, where lemons, grapefruits, red peppers, oranges, bananas etc grow along the main road going up in the mountains. The next morning, we went for a walk up to the local waterfall, a muddy ride upwards on a small trail. We experienced quite a few rain showers on the way, seeking refuge under big rain forest trees. The waterfall is approx 20m high, and we took a swim under the roaring stream. So nice after the muddy walk!

On our way back, we picked bananas, lemons & oranges, and bought 20 grapefruits from a local town boy. Now we have online casino 1/2 grapefruit every day, sweet, rape & delicious.

The next after-noon we again headed off north, up to the island of Ua Pou. One night of sailing under a spectacular starry night. We sailed under the Milky Way, with the bright Venus shining down on the ocean. And at 04:00, the moon came up in the horizon, tilting the wrong way, seen with our European eyes. Very strange & very beautiful, like a banana lying on a black background. On such a night, that´s when I feel lucky to be a part of this adventure.

The next morning, before anchoring up in the bay of Hakahetau on Ua Pou, York got another big Mahi-Mahi. Dinner is served, ladies & gentlemen! Glenn, York & I also went in with the Dinghy to  see if we could buy a few items. I asked 2 local ladies on shore (I speak some French)if they might tell me where the super marked was. Before we knew what was happening, we were driven in their car to the small shop, where they waited for us while we did the shopping, and took us back to the pier. How nice is that! People are so friendly here. We have a lot to learn in Scandinavia.. They even wanted to arrange a barbeque for us. Sadly we could not leave our Dinghy in the harbour, otherwise that could have been a nice experience.

The next day, Glenn & I just relaxed on the boat while Michael & Frank went for a walk in the heat, saying hello to all the mosquitoes on the island. York had a relaxing day in the little village, talking to people & getting invited to their home. That´s how it works down here 🙂

From Ua Pou it took us 5 hrs motoring here to Nuku Hiva. We had almost no wind, so we made the most of it making water as we went. Coming into the bay, we were met by two dolphins, welcoming us in their special way. We waved and felt special 🙂

Today Frank turns 40, and that definitely calls for some celebration! Champagne is in the cooler, and we´re having Nexus over for drinks. After that, dinner is reserved in the beautiful Pearl Lodge restaurant. Alles gut, as we say here onboard Polaris 🙂

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