999 miles to go

Some of our awesome experiences are expressed in this lyrics and we sang it from our heart… surprising our skipper with it, who almost couldn“t believe it… 😉

999 miles to go (melody from 99 red balloons by Nena)

„999 miles to go
one by one, fast and slow
up and down and east and west
we don“t need to be the best
but we need to be a team
not just for the sail routine
we are here in one small boat
let“s find out what this is called…


99 cans of beer
could have been a great idea
half way then we realized
„not enough, oh jesus christ“
and what about the cigarettes
smuggeld by Tom in his bags
but still are not enough my dear…
like the 99 precious cans of beer


99 situps, baby
could be so good for the belly
but at night there comes a lust
chocolate, cookies, it“s a must
the night watch that is looking for
searching behind every door
finding, eating, nothing“s free
means „99 situps baby“


999 miles to sail
sabine, claudia, isabel
jan, tom, beny and luis
oh we give us all a kiss
sailed from darwin to bali
isn“t that JUST casino online crazy?
but we did it, we didn“t fail
most of all the miles we sailed


99 times thank you sea
to give us this opportunity
to carry us with waves and wind
to another continent
and thank you to the crew and boat
for the food and for the mood
sailing means to feel so free
99 times thank you sea!


Although we didn“t have enough alcohol and cigarettes, the mood was great and we had an awesome time. So a big THANK YOU to our skipper, the whole crew and WorldARC!
Here in Indonesia, for 100 Dollar we could buy more than just 99 cans of beer… 😉

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