Über den morgendlichen SSB Funk wurde heute morgen eine Competition ausgerufen. „Schreibt eine Geschichte in der alle aktuellen Bootsnamen der WARC vorkommen.“ Haben wir gemacht. 🙂 Wir sind aber auch sehr neugierig, was ihr geschrieben hättet. Alle Bootsnamen findet ihr hier:

Good evening, my name is Merlyn of Poole,
with my American Spirit, I lead and I rule,
I am a real Alpha animal among the rats
I can fight Ghosts and men who are looking like bats.
Free & Breasy like a Festina Lente, I Celebrate my Boingo life,
Mister NDS Darwin, I’m a survivor, give me Andromeda Five!

But there is one thing, I cannot reach in this world,
it’s Adela, my Chika-lu, uuuhhhh you sexy Sweet Pearl.
Your eyes are Saphirs, so shiny and bleu,
I would travel to the Polaris for a Folie à Deux.

While I dream that, with you, my life would be better
I see you driving away with an Avocet in his fast Civetta
I turn my head after you until my Nexus gets stiff,
Oh baby, you should know, my Sirocco of Oz has so much to give.
It is not as Lluiton as it might appear,
But you leave me alone and I need a beer!

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