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Delicious Spain

At night all cats are gray, but with such a storm like last night, it is almost as bright as day. Crash, boom and spraying tons of water from above. So jump out of his bunk at night and close the window (by the way, some sleeping bags are waterproof). After a long lazy day […]


Here, first open the image of Jan in the kitchen. We are engraved with the tide out to sea this morning. Despite the difficult flow conditions Jan maneuvered the Polaris brilliantly through the narrow harbor entrance. Before us lay a beautiful sailing day – even when the sun is not too spoiled. But we could […]

Drive to the stars

22.30 clock-it is pitch-somewhere between Portugal and Spain … We just parked with nice English help in the harbor. Toilet bowl and borrowed this next door brought for 0.3 beer for the boat … Or so our first day of sailing has found its conclusion! Yes, we could put to sea after 3 days of […]