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16 days at sea

Today is Tuesday, 18th of March, and we have been out in the Pacific Ocean for more than two weeks. Where did the days go..? If everything goes as planned, we will arrive in Hiva Oa on Thursday morning, after 18 days at sea. Not bad! Today the wind faded away, and we are all […]

News from Anita

First of all, I have to make a correction. In my last blog I accidentally wrote that Jan did his daily yoga session on deck. It is of course Michael that does his daily training in yoga/stretching/meditation. Jan sometimes needs a moment to himself, and goes to sit somewhere and look out on the sea. […]

New crew, new adventures!

After being accepted & welcomed by Skipper Jan in Puerto Ayora, Glenn & Anita from Sweden/Norway became official new crew members of “Team Polaris”, as of Sat,1st of March. Ricco went back to Germany, and Michael came back after a visit with his family back home. The crew members from Galapagos are Michael, Jan, York, […]